Tuesday, July 26, 2011

An excting day...

I love freejumping my mare, it is so much fun to watch her figure out the answers to the questions posed by the jumps. On last Saturday, we posed the question of vertical-bounce-vertical-one stride-oxer-one stride-oxer. This arragement of jumps is asking her to sit back over the first few fences, then use that collection to move up over the more challenging oxers. Don't rush, but keep your head in the game.

I was also very excited that the boyfriend was coming to watch. I was happily getting Miss gray mare all groomed and polo wrapped, when I heard a clopping from the barn aisle. These were obviously the footfalls of Calloway, who is my boyfriend's favorite. "Oh," I thought, "He wants to take him for a walk." Cal is now retired, and he gets a bit jealous when when the grey mare gets to do fun things like jumping, so I just thought the boyfriend was giving him more special attention. I turned back to the foreleg I was grooming, and then was starteled when the clopping stopped infront of me.Calloway had dropped his head so low that he was looking me eye to eye, and the boyfriend was kneeling in front of me. With something very sparkly.


"Calloway wanted me to ask you a very important question. Will you marry me??"

Obviously, I said yes. Duh! Free jumping was a bit less important this weekend, but still pretty awesome.

All in all, a really awesome day!!


  1. yay! congratulations, C. this post made me get all teary! :)